History and development

History / Expansion

The founder’s sons, Angelo and Aldo, soon learnt the Company’s secrets from their father. They both started working as adolescents while studying.
In the '60s they gradually took over from their father in the management of the Wool Mill.

It was during the third generation of Zegna’s that the full vertical integration of the company was completed, through the launch of ready-to-wear collections and made-to-measure, the internationalization of production and distribution, and with the openings of the first mono-brand stores in Paris and Milan.

In 1968, they opened a factory in Novara, Italy, to produce a collection of sleeve-units and trousers that was immediately a great success, mainly due to the reliability of the fabrics.
The two brothers soon started to expand abroad, first in Spain and Switzerland and then practically worldwide. In the meantime, they diversified production to include accessories and sportswear. 1972 saw the launch of the Made to Measure service.

Following in the footsteps of their father, Aldo and Angelo completed the creation of the Panoramica Zegna, a 14km road which linked Trivero with Bielmonte, in the Italian Alps.
Understanding that the welfare of the workers was of high importance, they built a residential housing estate in 1963, and ski resort alongside further residential housing in Bielmonte in 1965.


"Style and innovation for strong, distinctive identity"


The fame of Zegna fabrics continued to grow, even in a difficult period like the second world war. High quality, in fact, enabled tailors to remake the suit by turning inside-out the fabric. Customers could thus get a “second life” out of their wardrobe.