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Vicuña Project

Ermenegildo Zegna is proud to be a part of the International Vicuña Consortium, since 1994, and to have worked alongside the Peruvian government and local communities, to protect and safeguard this rare animal.

The consortium was granted the honour of returning the fibre to the market and the locals received vicunas as their national right, and could legally count on their revenues derived from shearing, as long as they pledged to protect the animals from poaching. Thanks to this action, the vicuñas have been protected and saved from extinction, by the end of the 1980’s no more than 5,000 of the animals remained, today the total is over 150,000.

Zegna works with local communities

During the dry Andean winter months of June, July and August water shortage is at its height. This coincides with the Vicuña reproduction season, and many of the young do not survive these harsh months. The Ermenegildo Zegna exclusive project will protect and safeguard human and Vicuña’s alike, through the basic provision of water, and improve the ecosustainability of the area.
A new philanthropic project has been established in Peru by the Fondazione Zegna, developing water facilities in the Picotaini community such as dams, wells and over 10km of channels. Fresh water is essential for Vicuña breeders and their livestock improving further the survival of the specie an their capacity for reproduction.