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World Map / Cashmere

Cashmere is a particularly rare and precious fiber. Annual world production of cashmere is only five million kilograms in fact.
Cashmere fibers are obtained from a certain species of goat, commonly known as the Kashmir goat, which is bred in places such Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey and India. But the most beautiful and most prestigious cashmere in the world comes from the highlands of Inner Mongolia, in China, a territory with a very harsh climate. Inner Mongolia Cashmere is outstanding for the fineness of its fibers (14 - 15 µ), their length and uniformity and for the particularly soft handle they give.

To protect themselves from the cold, Kashmir goats have two coats: one superficial, of bulky hair, and one closer to the body, consisting of a short, fine and very warm down known as duvet. In springtime, shepherds collect the wool manually using special combs with long teeth. The fibers of the two coats are then separated, because only the duvet makes real cashmere.