A commitment to helping fight the Coronavirus epidemic - 杰尼亚承诺援助抗击疫情

Zegna Group has donated 3 million RMB to help fight the Coronavirus outbreak.

When the Coronavirus outbreak began at the end of January, Zegna immediately began preparations to provide support. Our key priority has, since the beginning, been the safety of our local teams and clients, and we continue to monitor the situation closely. In the past few weeks we have been working with Chinese hospitals and various charities to source supplies and ensure that donations reach affected communities and hospitals.

Zegna Group has donated 3 million RMB to the China Youth Development Foundation. These funds will be used to provide much-needed medical supplies and test kits to affected areas, and, in particular, to hospitals in Hubei.

‘Zegna Together With Love’ is part of a series of initiatives that will support the fight against the virus.

With love, we can make it through together.


杰尼亚集团决定捐赠叁佰万元人民币 帮助对抗疫情